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Front load, top load, stackable, oh my! So many options… So little time (usually). By the time you realize you need a new washing machine, you’ve got 9 loads of laundry to finish by morning. So, you sprint to the closest appliance store and… BAM! You’re slapped with 20 different options in 20 different colors. Yay you (not really).! Don’t worry! By the time you’re done here, you’ll know exactly which washing machine is best for you. I’ve not only researched the pros and cons of each style, I’ve included the option for you to shop by price, brand or top-rated. I love shopping made simple. Especially when it’s a “must-have-now” purchase! Let’s not waste any more time. Here you go:

stackable washing machine.jpg


If space is an issue, this is a great option for you. I had a stackable washer / dryer and I absolutely loved them because of the space it saved. There was so much more room in my laundry area. The ONLY thing I didn't like is they were small and didn't hold much. When I'm old and living alone, I'll definitely get another set.

Shop By Brand:  Electrolux  /  LG  /  Frigidaire  /  Bosch  /  All Brands

agitator washing machine.jpg


Well, the word "Agitator" isn't exactly appealing but the money you'll save IS! If cost is an issue (always the case for me), an agitator washing machine would probably be your best option. Take a look:

Shop By Brand:  Haier  /  GE  /  Avanti  /  Estate  /  Speed Queen

top loader washing machine.jpg


I have to admit that I prefer top-loading washing machines. I used to have a front-loader and without the pedestals, it was murder on my back (I do a LOT of laundry). If your budget allows and you prefer front-loaders, make sure you get a pedestal to go with it!

Shop By Brand:  Kenmore  /  GE  /  Samsung  /  Avanti  /  Whirlpool

front load washing machine.jpg


Alright lovies!  Here's the low-down on Front Load Washing Machines.  Supposedly, front-loaders spin faster and we all know what that means... faster drying time!!!  Yay for front-loaders :)

Shop By Brand:  Kenmore  /  GE  /  Samsung  /  Electrolux  /  LG

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