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Okay guys! I couldn't pass up the chance to review the Ibex Tumbler! It seems like I've spent half of my life trying to find the perfect tumbler and with summer quickly approaching, I can not wait to get mine!

There are other tumblers on the market but when you are rated #1 its hard not to let everyone know about it. What these other companies don't tell you is how their tumblers are made with inferior material so your drinks don't stay cold for long and your piping hot coffee turns into a mud bath after a few hours. IBEX tumblers are made with kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel designed to keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot!

Here are 8 reasons why the IBEX Tumbler is rated #1 in America.


#1) It locks in the perfect temperature

There's nothing more disappointing than drinking a watered down or luke warm beverage when it should be either cold or hot! This is one of their main reasons for creating the ultimate personal smart cup, the IBEX Tumbler. Simply put, the IBEX is engineered better to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold!


#2) Engineering marvel with vacuum insulation

Inspired by NASA scientists, they obsessively engineered the IBEX Tumbler with copper lined double walls and then vacuum sealed it to ensure your beverage stays cold or hot for as long as modern technology allows!


#3) Keeps ice frozen for longer than others

Keep ice in your drink, all day and night, for as long 72 hours. They worked very hard to make sure your drink stays frosty cold by ensuring your ice stays frozen and doesn't melt so fast in any temperature.


#4) Made for strength and durability

IBEX Tumblers are made from an extra-thick, kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel to prevent exterior sweating and temperature transfer while withstanding your rough and tough lifestyle. They are confident it will be your favorite drink cup for many years to come.


#5) Keeps your cold drinks cold - amazing!

No matter how hot the weather, at the beach, at the ball game, at the park, the IBEX tumbler keeps your favorite drink cold! No more wasting your perfectly chilled beverage.


#6) Keeps your coffee hot all day long

Overslept and need that hot cup of coffee to get your day started? With your IBEX tumbler, early mornings are made better when your coffee stays hot. When the day drags on and morning turns to night, you can count on your coffee to be being piping hot and delicious.


#7) Only tumbler with 1 Year guarantee

All IBEX tumblers are responsibly manufactured with strict quality control standards. They are so proud of the technology, they offer a 1 Year replacement guarantee on all tumblers so you can purchase with confidence.


#8) Customers rate them 5 stars

When your the best and highly rated its hard not to tell everyone and spread the word about the quality, consistency and fantastic customer support.

“My drink was still ice cold long after I forgot where I placed the cup, lol. After two or three days the contents remain flavorful and cold. Thank you IBEX!!”

IBEX is confident that once you give their tumblers a try, you won’t look back. In other words, they know this is the right tumbler for our active lifestyles. Whether you love the outdoors or are always on-the-go at the office, IBEX is the ideal tumbler that will keep your drinks the perfect temperature.

So, they've given us a handful of reasons why
IBEX is the #1 tumbler in America. And now you have to ask yourself, “What am I waiting for?” They are so confident in the quality of their tumblers that they are the first company to offer a 1 Year Guarantee. If, for any reason, you don't like your tumbler or if it gets damaged, send it back and they will refund or replace it. Order now and they'll ship it straight to your doorstep.

"I love my IBEX tumbler! I am an iceaholic and I never could find a glass that would keep my drink cold! My IBEX keeps the ice fresh and my drink stays good and cold till the last sip!"


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